When Love Isn’t Blind Enough

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If I was asked how to best describe the show Love is Blind, I would have to dish up a cinematically induced trope a dope cooked up in poetically assembled reduction sauce.

Boy and girl equals Dante Alighieri on a serious bender. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the reality romance show on Netflix, it brings together fifteen gals and fifteen guys in an opening around of speed dating, sight unseen. The prospective couples communicate through a wall via speakers and then pare down from there. Within ten days, they’ll either find their perfect match or walk away. If they go next level, they’ll be engaged before they ever set eyes on each other. They’ll be married within a month after that if peachy stays keen.

Granted, there’s plenty of stupid to go with the Cupid but I give these young people props for putting their shit out there like that. And I’m not the only one who seems to appreciate the comedy and tragedy of this thing, seeing as how the show has been kicking ass since its debut in February of 2020.

Love is Blind is the show that brings people together. I mean, other than most of the contestants who are actually looking for love. But that doesn’t mean everyone is down with the sickness . . .

I can’t believe you watch that shit! LOL

This was my pal Jen’s e-mail response when I told her I had started watching the show. This was sometime in 2021 when we were hot off the heels of a post-COVID world that was still behaving like a love gone wrong country music song. In my defense, I didn’t blame the virus or the threat of more lockdowns or vaccination side effects or the Trump administration for this pivot in my entertainment diet. As per, I owned my shit. So naturally, her snide comment moshed my pit.

You’ve never watched it, right? So how in the blessed hell would you know? For your information, it’s shit packaged in a sharply produced sociological experiment replete with beautiful people, breath taking locales and more buttered popcorn moments than most script writers could think up! 

My exact words, ladies and gentleman.

Would you be cool with Ari going on the show?

This was dirty pool pie. The only reason she was bringing my daughter into the conversation was to top rope my ass into submission. To my way of thinking, family should never be brought into politics, PTO meetings or re-unions.

No, but that’s because of all the crazies who take this shit too seriously.

I was referring to the social media trolls who regale in deconstructing the contestants personal lives as if they’re Dexter Morgan on a field trip, but Jen was shutting it down.

You mean like you? 😉

Some people refuse to appreciate the value of some nonsense in their lives and Jen evidently is one of those people. She no longer owns a television set, she jets off to remote locations and falls in love with cultures she can’t spell just to get closer to a God she doesn’t believe in. There’s no winning with someone like that. We’ve corresponded a handful of times since then and I’ve never once brought up the subject. And besides, if she had ended up getting hooked on the show, she would never admit as much.

I much prefer discussing my guilty pleasure with people like Phil, who I refer to as my dealer since he started me off with the gateway drug known as Too Hot to Handle. He’s got a burgeoning clientele at this point and he’s proud of me for having introduced Q to the sickness. His business is mindless banter and business is good.

So tomorrow night, me and Q will dine on the intrigues of Season 4 and no, we don’t binge (not all the time). Ours is a casual habit and we can quit anytime we damn well feel like quitting, but we won’t. Because the truth of the matter is that the world has become predictably boring in its madness and it feels good to get lost in a show that dresses up our collective foibles and failures in stemware. So why wouldn’t we surrender ourselves to the truths when the price for admission to this circus gifts us laughter and mindless banter in return? Not everything has to be Shakespeare and besides, if he was doing his thing today, he’d be watching too.

I’m sure of it.






73 thoughts on “When Love Isn’t Blind Enough

  1. B

    So you know how some companies will gift you with a finder’s fee if you nab a new recruit? I’m just wondering if there is a kinda bonus plan involved here? Not of the pyramid type, of course, coz that would be bad (but then I might be able to benefit). I’m just asking coz I think Phil owes you a fee on this side hustle…

    I resisted the urge to indulge in, what I first thought of, your dubious taste in mindless television. I did. And then, I figured, I can’t judge, sight unseen so I’ll just watch the first few episodes. Well, shit. How could I not see this to the end? Inquiring minds had to know if Amber and Barnett were real. If Diamond (who would be thrilled you chose this tune) would figure out that Carlton is happiest playing for the other team. And would black Lauren feel secure in her union with white Cameron. I mean c’mon! I couldn’t just quit.

    And then I watched Season 2. Then Season 3. And then I found out my niece Sabrina, psychology student, absolutely LOVES these shows. Ya gotta admit, these are quite interesting as psychological study subjects. But that’s not even it. It is fascinating to watch from the sidelines. And, more than once, to wonder just how would I have dealt with this kind of thing?

    You’re right to give them kudos for putting all their shit out there for everyone to see. It cannot be easy when those who get really (way too much) invested in these people turn on them. People. Please. These contestants are real people, no matter how wacked some o’ them are. Jessica is small potatoes after having been assaulted by Irina. Eesh.

    And Survivor, move over. We gots other subjects to talk about ’round the water cooler!!

    So yeah, we can quit it any time we want to. And we don’t want to.

    Shine on and gimme more!


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    • Q

      If I wait for Phil to give me a finder’s fee, Love is Blind will be celebrating its 100th anniversary so probably not! But I DO have a recruit, for the show. Juan Wick! He’s mid twenties, popular with the ladies. I told him he HAS to go on this show.

      The first season really hooked me in. The villainess Jessica stringing along Mark, and it was actually a GOOD thing when we found out about that guy. Amber and Barnett working was a plus. And now Lauren and Cameron might be co-hosts! Can’t beat that.

      You’re right, it’s research for her! And it’s buttered popcorn time for us. And I would have been a complete maroon on that show back in the day. Which is why I don’t give these kids too much shit. It ain’t easy.

      I think even the most disliked contestant has to be given some slack here. Like you said, they’re human beings in a high pressure situation where time is of the essence. People behave and react differently. And yes, even the contestants I don’t dig . . they do not deserve to be called names and threatened. I mean, come on!

      Right? It really is a water cooler dynamic.

      We won’t. . .

      Thank you again Natasha! LOL


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      • I am not surprised. Thought I’d mention it anyway. Juan Wick! Yeah baby! Nudge him hard 😉

        Me too (obviously). Oh that Jessica. Mark never stood a chance against her! Gonna be interesting if Cameron and Lauren get the hosting gig.

        It is and it is! I dunno if you woulda. Then again, it all depends on the age you would be when you participated 😉 I honestly have no idea how I woulda been,

        What? I gotta be nice to Irina? Shit… All jokes aside, I agree with you. The sure as shit do not deserve death threats! I bet there are are some of them looking back at the show and thinking, damn… I was a BITCH!

        Excellent water cooler dynamic. Who’d a thunk this type of show would actually bring people together?

        No, we won’t.

        Yeah! That’s true! Two posts in a row you use one of her tunes 😉

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        • If he goes on the show, we have an in baby! We can interview him AND his wife on our blogs. The sky’s the limit!

          Jessica loved her drink, which I ain’t got a problem with. But it was her attitude, dissing Mark so blatantly (again, it ended up being a good thing but in the moment it was dumb) and then pushing hard for Barnett even after he got with Amber.

          I don’t rightly know either, but it’s why I don’t judge these kids very harshly.

          Yeah, I know that both Irina and Micah came out with videos apologizing for their behavior. Far as I’m concerned, that’s enough for me.

          And yet, here we are! Bringing in new recruits every day at that.


          I miss Russian Doll already.

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          • Ya baby! You can fill me in on the deets 😉

            Did she ever! I mean they all drink but Jessica? She was a notch above. And yes, she had moment or two that were not shining. Not cool with Amber at all.

            It’s only mature of us to not judge them.

            Glad to know that they did because really… they were rather shameful. And whatchu doing watching those videos before the end of the season?

            Here we are. And yes! I think I convinced my mother to check it out! LOL

            Not a chance.

            So do I. 😦

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          • I told him we’d start up his social media pages and monetize them for him. Maybe even give him some of the profits! LOL

            Jessica’s BAC was usually higher than the average NBA game. And she’s lucky Amber didn’t scratch her eyes out.

            We are SO mature!

            I know! I promise to abstain from any more of those videos. I swear, how pathetic is that? Life was easier when I used to watch porn.

            Haha! Another recruit!



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          • Hahaha! Yeah!! Small portion!

            Hahaha! Yeah Amber showed a remarked amount of restraint.

            We are….. psych!

            Bjuahahahaha! You’re a nut.

            Yep! I’ll keep you posted!


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          • As Joe Pesci might say in one of his mob movies. Don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of everything!

            I think so. I was proud of her for not taking Jessica’s gift at that party. I mean, why pretend with someone who was trying to steal your man?


            And you happen to be sweet on this nut so there’s that.


            We’re going to have to check out Poker Face when it’s available.

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          • Right 🙂

            That was a perfect way of snubbing her and letting her know that what she did is not cool and a gift will not make it better.


            I am. More than I can say.

            You know it.

            Yes! I just rewatched the trailer. It’s an exclusive Peacock thing. HOWEVER, once all the episodes are out (they are not yet), we could binge (10 in all) by watching two per date coz I could get a 30-day trial on City+ (ONLY place to get it in Canada)…

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          • Hahaha!

            It was a great move and it spared her having to deal with assault charges, LOL.


            I know it!

            If it’s like Russian Doll, that won’t be a problem in the least!

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          • Exactly. They kept to it, never wavered and made it to the altar and beyond. For all the nonsense Jessica threw their way, not to mention the peeps at Netflix, they did it. Good for them.



            I love you back.


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          • I do love them. And yes, good for them. Definitely not host material like Cameron and Lauren are, but that’s quite alright.



            That’s the best thing.


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          • Social media being the fickle finger of fate that it always proves to be, I don’t expect they would have a long run either. Someone, somewhere at some point will have a problem with something they do or say and that will be that. But g’luck to these kids in the meantime.



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  2. We’ve watched every single season of Survivor and The Amazing Race. Sometimes, depending on sports-watching “obligations” I will admit to have strayed to another TV for an episode or two here and there, but my wife has seen every minute of all of them. We get the appeal of reality TV.

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  3. I can honestly say that the subject matter did not interest me. However, isn’t there always an ‘however’? You haven’t steered me wrong yet and I do love me a little crazy so I will give it a shot. And I’ll let you know…

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    • There always is a however.

      This show is just a tad bit different in that it’s not about the writing or the plot or the characters. It’s extremely nonsensical at times but I can’t look away!

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      • I did watch two episodes. It is not for me. Some of it was quite entertaining like, you know, like good. But like it’s so not like, me, for me. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Hey, Survivor was a social experiment and it’s been on the air for over 20 years. Go figure.

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        • Bahahahahahaha! Like, are you like sure you like, really like gave it like a chance? Like?

          That’s awesome that you tried it Pam. I knew you would! 😉

          Right? With two shows per year at that. Amazing.

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    • Monika! How could you?!

      I’m sensing a pattern here. So no reality romance huh? So like, you don’t want to know like, what like, Micah said like, about Paul like, at the bachelorette party?

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    • I used to watch 20/20 with Hugh Downs, which dates me and I don’t care. My guilty pleasure on that count is Dateline. I can’t get sucked into it though, because it’s SO easy since it’s on Peacock and I could spend a day watching those.

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  4. Duuuuuude I haven’t heard of this show! But it must be on the money if it’s your go to guilty pleasure 🙂 I don’t watch reality shows as my sister used to watch Desperate Housewives of Orange County, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, New York and The Bachelor. And then my aunts and mom watch some Spanish dating ones or live-in-a-house-ones that have me cracking up. It’s unbelievable. I was like duuuuuuuuude can I visit you one day when you’re not watching this and they’re like … No. HA! You watch some guy eating hot wings and answering questions HA! But this blind speed dating does sound like a good sociological experiment. I bet psychologists totally watch it just for research purposes and to practice 🙂 It’ll probably show up on the Spanish station soon and I’ll be letting you know that it’s out on the Telemundo airwaves HA!

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    • Telemundo!

      Ever watch Senora Acero on there? Well, actually it is a Telemundo show but I used to watch it on YouTube.

      Mi abuelita loved the novellas. And she always watched Sabado Gigante and Siempre en Domingo. They were hilarious, made even more so by her reactions to some of the stuff that went on.

      Love is Blind is actually used for research purposes, as Dale’s niece attests LOL.

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  5. OMG! This sounds like the old “Dating Game” on steroids.
    Well, just because you like it, I’ll watch an episode.
    I have access for 5 months to every show made in the last year.
    Yes, it’s EMMY time again. Nominating begins in 6 weeks.
    And just cause I adore Holly, I’m gonna watch “90 day fiancé”.


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