Bound To The Light We Possess

That title is a play on a Lincoln quote I came across recently, and which became the inspiration for this post. I wanna think Honest Abe might have chuckled when the news came over the wire that the United States government had filed for divorce from the Trump brand. And seeing as how Abe was a master of the timely anecdote, there’s little doubt he was doing his thing deep into the night with all those better angels. Maybe he would have opined on 45 with something to this effect . . .

“That man is no more patriotic than a grizzly in search of his next meal. Both are accorded voracious appetites, whose intent is not to do right by the populace, but rather, to consume them . . .”

After which Abe probably got to throwing down memories of all those grand dreams he once rolled up his sleeves for, dreams of a republic whose might was a matter of consensus rather than division. And to which his tall, lumbering frame gave chase until a bullet stole the extraordinary man away before history was done with him.

All I know is that, over the last four years I’ve mostly gone AWOL when it comes to writing about anything that rhymed with politics. Oh sure, I touched on it here and there, but my literary taste buds weren’t digging the flavor. Trump had effectively laid kryptonite inside my satirical wiring because the truth of the matter was . . how could I possibly parody a parody?

And it wasn’t the only thing I lost my taste for inside that time. You asking for a short list? Really? N’kay . . . .

  • Visiting Washington D.C.. I was never crazy about driving around the place, seeing as how it’s the town of a million road signs. But the museums and eats and all that great, big history of us? Worth it, until . .
  • State of the Union speeches. Thanks to YouTube, I worked backwards since 2017.
  • Visiting New York City. You know what’s worse than rush hour traffic? Trump hour traffic.
  • The color orange
  • Chucky movies
  • Hot air balloons
  • Red hats
  • Talking about most anything political, with anyone.
  • The O’Jays. Well, not all their righteous works of course . . but one song in particular that I do love quite a lot.

So now we get seventy two days worth of Shakespeare by Trump apologists who will be white knuckling their resumes in search of the next unreality show now that their gigs with the soon to be former Boss of all bosses are coming to an end. They’ll condemn the very same extra inning affair many of them were applauding back in December of 2000. They’ll blame poll workers for counting legal votes and they’ll blame COVID and if all else fails, they’ll blame the Chicago Bears offense since that’s where all else goes to fail.

And none of it will matter as much as the seventy five million pink slips, and counting, who said “Thanks but nah” to another four years of recumbent hiking through the wilderness of 1956.

As for the Don, there’s no chance he goes quietly into that dark night, even after inauguration day seals his artful deal for once and for all. Never mind that he’s still never won a political race against someone not named Hilary. And never mind that he got boat raced by a Washington lifer in Joe Biden, whose lifetime achievement award speech is going to have a massive rewrite coming. This outcome is just a bad day at the batting cages for Trump, who has a promotional machine that will allow his bluster to keep doing bad things to our good senses with book deals and cable deals and rallies . . because, ‘Murica. He ain’t going away, he’s just moving to the other side of the wall now.

Lincoln called. He wants his hat back.

42 thoughts on “Bound To The Light We Possess

  1. B,

    Another brilliant essay. I think you’re bang on what Lincoln might’ve said.

    The coming 72 days will be entertaining (sort of) for sure. We know he will not go quietly in the night because Trump doesn’t do quiet. Ever.

    And ugh. Without a doubt there will be books and shows and shit. We’ll just have to walk around them. Well, I will, anyway.

    And, wasn’t that the theme song for his show The Apprentice? Can you just see the new players? Coz, if he has his way, there will be more…

    Brilliant writing, as per.


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    • Q

      It’s easy when it comes to Honest Abe. He writes it for us, and we get to adapt to his unique perspective by tossing in our own ingredients. And the best part is, he wouldn’t mind one bit. So long as we stay respectful.

      He fired his defense secretary today. He’s also been advised that he should begin the transition process to the Biden team. I am absolutely fascinated, intrigued, horrified . . at what this might look like.

      The rallies . . them too. Because what else are all those peeps going to do now that they can’t gather together and show off their guns.

      Interestingly, there is another post or several as to how he worked the system thanks to his innate ability to command the small screen. He’s not a dumb guy even if his speak makes you think “Wha?”. He knew the medium and he knew the process and he worked it perfectly. Until now.



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      • You have a point there. Still. Do accept the flowers sent your way; you do know how to take another’s words and give ’em your twist.

        Did he? Oh lawzy… this will be more of a circus than the last four years have been.

        Yes, whatever will they do?

        Oh, I know he is not dumb. He is intelligent, Whether he has always used that intelligence in a positive manner, well… yanno…

        De nada!

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        • Humbly, yes I will. Of course.

          The circus isn’t leaving town, it’s just moving to another part of town. And guess what? I just read where Trump plans on doing rallies and letting people know the fraud that was perpetrated in this election.

          No idea.

          He made the GOP fall in line with him because once he won the nomination, they had little choice but to do so. And then he used their machinery to retrofit his brand. And here we are . . .


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          • Good. It is not given willy-nilly, you knnow.

            No, It is not. Just moving from Washington to New York… or wherever he can rouse up his rallies. Jeez.

            They will make lots of noise, spread Covid coz most of ’em don’t wear masks, is what they’ll do.

            Right. Biden has a lot of cleaning up to do and hopefully will have the team to help him.


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          • I imagine Willy might have been silly or frilly, but he most certainly wasn’t Willy. And I know.

            That big fat middle is just waiting for their Santa to come back to town. What else are they doing with their time?

            And yes, that’s one of the things they’re doing with their time. They’re super spreaders, in the name of their constitutional rights, where all reason and logic and fairness goes to die.

            I wonder what happens to the wall?


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          • So do I!

            Buahaha! right…

            Unfortunately, that is what they do. Because you know, you can’t make me do anything I don’t want to. My constitutional rights and all that brouhaha.

            I was wondering the same thing.


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          • Haha!

            It’s my constitutional right . . I have a medical condition . . I am a protected American landmark . . I know Jerry Springer personally . . .

            Man, do they have every excuse in the book or what?


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  2. clap, clap, clap!!!! I don’t speak emoji. I could hear Lincoln’s voice speaking those words. (not really, but you know . . .). I want the FBI waiting outside the doors of the White House on January 20,2021. hee hee hee. Manacles for one?

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    • I don’t really get emoji truth be told. But I know the kids use it to communicate, like . . everything.

      Abe was the inspiration for this. I was inspired by a couple quotes sent to me, after which I went searching for the quote that provided me with the idea for this post.

      I read somewhere that Trump will in fact serve two terms. One in the White House and one in federal prison.

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  3. You’ve nailed it BSL, even in our joy and relief The Orange One won’t have it! We must suffer more lies, cheating, conspiracy driven rallies , the Proud Boys. Will it ever end?
    At any rate My faith in humanity has been restored , now let’s get that transition in gear.

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    • Holly

      And what was lost, temporarily, in all this extra innings drama as per the count . . is that we have the first female Vice President.

      We are fortunate to have been witness to 2008 and now 2020.

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  4. Thank you, Pilgrim, for not doing a tired happy dance. We still have to wait for the whistle to blow and for the old Yogi “It ain’t over till it’s over.” sign off. I’m going to avoid listening to anything that even hints of some kind of attempt to make these results go away. I also promise not to listen to any more socialist rhetoric. The hate from those people could poison the Earth faster than the vitriol from the orange one himself. Your post is so very well said and I just hope things turn around. This last year has been the dark ages of optimism. Oh and by the way the Marked closed up 834 today. Good start.

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  5. Yes – there’s joy in Mudville – but my mantra is still alive – The man is a pathetic human being, an even worse leader who takes credit for anything and responsibility for nothing – and oh …. he brings the majority of problems on himself.

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  6. That song is perfect! As for “hiking through the wilderness of 1956” you meant 1856, right? Aw yes, the Trumpkin…orange on the outside, hollow on the inside and must be thrown out in November. January 20th can’t come soon enough. Then I can only hope there’s a nice gold prison cell in the future for the Orange Menace. 🀞🏼


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