33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q

    Tell me, is there anything like old architecture? I was just talking about churches yesterday and how Europe’s are so epic compared to our bebes. But that thought extends to so much more than churches. From the Colloseum to the Taj Mahal to Machu Picchu to THIS. Nothing really compares to the classics.

    Thank you for reminding us.


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  2. How beautiful. Almost looks fake, like an indoor movie set where they paper the wall to present a false view.
    That blue brightens right across my screen. It also reminds me of the outdoor shots in The Sting, when Redford, as Johnny Hooker, is being chased my Charles Durning aka Detective Lonegan, who couldn’t possibly catch him.

    See what a picture can evoke? How does it go? A picture is worth a 1000 woids. 🙂

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I hear you. It’s when you go to Europe that you realise how young ours is! Still… Some of these are a few hundred years old. I loved the reflections, too. Had trouble choosing which one of my multiple taken. It’s why I’ve given two 😉 Glad you like.

      Shalom and lotsa old-world love,


      Shalom and lotsa

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  3. A great shot of the classic architecture, Dale. It is interesting seeing the Five Guys burger place in this setting. New meets old. I loved the need to work in Europe for the beauty of the buildings there. So the bike is on McGill street?

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  4. Lovely shot Thunder! I wish they would stop ripping down old architecture, and building condos with 600 sq. ft. apartments that not many can afford. Does not solve the housing problem at all. Too, much of that here in Toronto.

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    • Thank you, Sorceress… There are two – which do you prefer? And yeah… the old buildings in front and the new ones in back. At least they don’t rip them down here. Yeah. dividing these old places into unaffordable condos makes me crazy… That’s besides the ones that yes, are torn down and where glassed-in atrocities take their place. Ugh.


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