Peace And Love Is All I Got

The Victims of the Uvalde, Texas, School Shooting | Time

I was planning on a Rundown for today and then Tuesday happened.

We don’t even get to catch our collective breath before the next slaughtering of innocents punches us in the gut all over again. It seems a hopeless effort to hope and pray that maybe the world will go quiet for a spell, and it leaves me wondering if anything is ever going to make sense ever again.

I sat down and tried to write something about those twenty-one souls as I watched the news footage coming out of Uvalde. And then it hit me, the madness of it all. Here I was writing about yet another lost day, not even a week removed from my last post about a mass shooting. And then I wondered if a post about Texas would even make it to Friday before the next horrible moment arrived. After that, all I had left was the crying.

Life is so incredibly fragile as it is without provoking the fates. We don’t stand a chance so long as we allow hate and ignorance to matter as much as they do. We lose the value of ourselves when we accept the worst as a matter of course. We need to be doing better than this. As a neighborhood, a town, a city, a state, a country. As a whole.

We need to be better. As parents and neighbors, as strangers and as friends. And we need to expect better of everyone who is entrusted to serve their constituency. They do not answer solely to those who vote for them. They have to answer to us all.

Our children deserve better.

46 thoughts on “Peace And Love Is All I Got

  1. Our children and their children deserve batter, Pilgrim. It is sad when lives are lost, and we all have to try and find answers as to why. A kid shuttled between mother and grandmother. A high school dropout with no father figure walks into an unlocked school and ends the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for 21 souls. It isn’t right. Thank you for your beautiful words.

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  2. Marco,

    When you said you couldn’t write and then said you did manage a little one, I knew it would be beautifully done. There are no more prayers needed. Only action. Real action can change things.

    You are so right. Life is already so incredibly fragile. There needs to be a swing, teaching and helping those who don’t understand the beauty of it.

    Love and caring and peace,


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    • Love,

      Thank you as per.

      No, something needs to change. We can’t have nothing happening. We need more outreach, we need to truly understand mental health. We need to examine these anti-bullying measures. Are they needed? Or do we need to be making schools about all voices?

      I’ve learned that again recently. And it shakes you and then you are thankful for what you have.

      Love and hugs and peace


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      • I was gonna address you as Love πŸ˜‰

        We need more Steve Kerrs blowing up and refusing to talk sports. We need more people pushing until the powers that be are forced to actually DO. And we need to focus more on anti-bullying which, I feel, will help with the inclusion of all voices.

        I know you did. And it’s so damn hard when we are on the sidelines watching, unable to do much but be there.

        Always, love and hugs and peace.

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        • Beat you to it! For once. πŸ˜‰

          I agree. Kerr is a very interesting dude and like I said, he knows of what he speaks when it comes to gun violence. First hand. His remarks speak to action, ANY action. Of course, this will be taken as “He wants all guns taken away!” by the Ted Cruz’s of the world. And then . . nothing.

          I found myself almost crying a few times throughout the day. I’d catch myself.


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    • You’re right, we all do. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about this when they drop their kids off at school, that’s madness.

      I don’t either. All sides have blame and all sides will do their best to deflect it.

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  3. Well said, my friend. Where is the sanity in leadership in this country. This is β€œAmerican exceptionalism β€œ at its worst (at least in this era – don’t get me started on history!).

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          • Remember Susan Smith? The South Carolina mother who drowned her two kids in the lake back in ’94? My wife at the time was seven months pregnant when that happened. I remember the night Smith confessed to letting her car roll into the lake with her kids inside. For over a week she had claimed that her car had been carjacked by a black guy.

            I was supposed to have gone to a local production of Macbeth with my wife but I had a horrible cold so my best friend Emie went with her instead. So there I was, at home watching the tube, all hopped up on cold meds when it was announced that Smith had killed her kids. And I was a mess. A complete fucking mess. How could a parent, a mother in this instance do such a horrible thing to her own kids?

            Well, I now wonder how so many parents can stand by and do absolutely nothing while one mass shooting after another just happens. No, they didn’t do the killing, but they don’t seem interested in doing anything to stop this madness.

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          • That gave me a chill. Didn’t she get off somehow? Or am I thinking of another woman. Goes to show you how many stories like that there are. What’s so troubling, it’s going to happen again, and again and again unless serious measures are taken. I was reading Trump’s big balled speech on, if he were in charge, what he’d do. Nowhere was there one shred of gun control as if it has no place in these mass killings. How does a kid walk in and buy weapons like they were gum without any sane adult asking…and why do you want a gun of this magnitude sonny? I’m just aghast at this. How it’s viewed as the right to bear arms in order to slaughter at will. The First Amendment needs a rewrite Marco.

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          • No, Smith is still serving her time. She’s eligible for parole soon.

            What is madness on top of madness is that you never hear people like Trump and Cruz talk about the rights of those who are murdered. Theirs is a self serving message, paid for by big money special interests.

            Pardon my French, but they really don’t give a fuck about the horrors.

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          • You wonder…what if it was one of their own kids. Would it have a different effect? Would they have to hide it, weeping in private? Who are these men who call themselves men, I ask you?

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          • Who knew what he spoke of.

            That’s another thing about too many of today’s leaders, they brandish their words with the intent to inflict pain on someone. And then they wonder why our kids go off the deep end later on.

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  4. I wept as I read your words. They are so true, so brutally true, why don’t they understand? Our children are the only future we have and we are losing them. It’s not just the ones that have been taken from us but it’s the innocence that is being taken from the rest.

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  5. Such a good post to address the tragic events back to back like that!
    We can do better and hopefully will!
    I just saw a brief overview of what happened and I guess the door that allowed access was “propped open” – ugh!!
    So one way to do better immediately is to have adults in charge not make such Terrible mistakes – omg

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  6. SICK!
    Children deserve to have positive experiences as they grow. School is a major part.
    The nra had its convention nearby, anyway. It’s diabolical.
    The hate and violence permeate our societies.

    We had our long weekend last weekend. It was the first time that there were fireworks since the Pandemic began.
    They were at a city beach in a family area. Lots of kids and parents come to watch, for 2 nights.
    Some hooligans decided to attend. They brought Roman Candles, and used them like guns, into the crowds.
    They shot at anyone. Police were hit in the face. One person was stabbed. Someone had a gun, and1 person was shot. A dozen a-holes were arrested. The police presence was upped the second night, and more a-holes came, shooting Roman Candles. No one died, many hospitalizations, including police.
    Another dozen arrests.
    WTF? SO, if we had lax gun laws here, would all the a-holes have shown up with guns, and slaughtered?

    I truly hope something can be done, like stricter, more sensible gun laws, background checks, but most republicans are heartless.

    I’m so sorry for everyone living through the horror, and all of you in the USA!

    I’ll save my happy comment for next week. {{{hugs}}}

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    • The NRA and its members holding a convention nearby is just heartless. It just is.

      That’s a good question. My God how sad is that?

      We need to make it harder to buy a gun than it is to buy a pack of smokes, simple as that. We need to close loopholes, we need bi-annual registration checks on all guns. We need harsh penalties for anyone who won’t play by these rules. And no more automatic weapons. You want to use one? Sure, but at a controlled location- a gun range. And to anyone who sells or distributes them illegally? Even harsher penalties.

      Hugs to you Resa, thank you.

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  7. It was truly horrific to see the innocence taken that day. Many wonder why? When will things like this end? My family and I have found comfort in reading the Bible passage found at Revelation 21:3,4. It comforting to know that our Heavenly Father has promised that pain and suffering of all kinds will end soon.

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