47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q

    That first one! Focus on the tapestry of nature with the background muted so that you can truly focus on nature’s remarkable paint brush. THAT. I love that. It’s sort of like when you look for a word when you’re writing something and then you finally remember it and then you start rolling it around in your mouth and you gain a completely fresh appreciation for it.

    The third one, again. Focusing on that whilst blurring out its surroundings, allowing us to focus. That’s an impressive skill set you got going on.

    Happy Wednesday.


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    • B

      So glad you like. I was rather impressed with that first one, myself 😉 I never, ever use flash but this time, I did. I have to rethink its usage (an on-line teacher told us to avoid them at all costs… glad I didn’t listen for this one). And yes! I love that comparison of photo to word. You’re so good at that.

      I included the more “ordinary” middle one as a stepping stone, if you will from the dark to the light 🙂

      Who knew there could be such beauty in the weeds hanging out in my back yard? Happy you like that one, too.

      I thank you for your wonderful analysis and wish you a Happy Wednesday, to you!


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      • See, I took a photography class in college. And my photos were hot garbage. I just don’t get the science of it all. Plus, I really am not disciplined enough for it.

        Nice idea, I see that.

        There’s a whole new universe out there and it’s only feet away!

        Another WW winnah!

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        • I, frankly, don’t know the science of it all. I just know I have an eye for it. Most times, I just shoot and hope for the best!!

          Glad you do. 😊

          There is a reason for my laziness! I just don’t want to miss any opportunities!

          Thank you, darlin’!

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  2. Dear Dale,

    You do have a way with a lens. Love the contrast and beauty in these photos. Waking up to your Dale’s-Eye-View on Wednesday is something I’ve come to look forward to.

    Shalom and lotsa well-framed hugs,


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  3. Lovely, Thunder! I adore Queen Anne’s Lace! The first pic looks like a different plant, delicate and pretty.
    QAL is an edible wildflower. Unfortunately it looks a lot like Poison Hemlock, so I’ll pass. xoxo

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