America 2020

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Many unemployed

Societal unrest due to social justice issues

Partisan divides running deep

People yelling to get their way

Families divided, and even severing family ties

Friendships strained enough to break

People choosing a news source delivering the narrative they want to hear

Strained relations with long-term international allies

Coronavirus amplifying differences

People cheering illness and death to mock the person

Too many racists in the population

A variety of means of voter suppression

Politics determining disaster assistance

Conspiracy theorists gaining public office

Yes – Keep America great

We shred junk mail with our name on it, but I wish I would have carefully saved more of this envelope. I understand why people want to come to America for a better life, but I also understand why someone would want to leave it behind. I can honestly say that it is on my mind, but I also understand the role of other factors in my decision. First, where to go is one thing, but in the age of COVID, who would let an American enter? Let alone a person in their 60s. I also realize that the grass always appears greener on the other side of the fence – and when jumping the fence, landing in a bigger pile of crap is very possible. Second, I’m not alone – meaning it’s not just my decision. I’m married, and my wife’s 91-year-old father lives in our area. In other words, the decision is not solely mine – which means moving is very unlikely.

After the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, it took only a few hours from the news to run amuck. Long ago I stated that one thing worse than a Trump presidency is the millions of Trumpians remaining after his presidency. Believing in his brand is one thing, selling one’s soul to get something they want is another matter. Yes, I’m very much bothered.  Yes, moving is on my mind.

64 thoughts on “America 2020

  1. Ahh Frank,

    These are tough and bizarre and frustrating times we are experiencing. To think it’s all over the world, though most of the world is looking at the United States and scratching their heads. We can’t understand how you’ve come to this point. Well, we have an idea but still.

    When you are at the point of wanting to leave, things are very serious. But, as you said, easier said than done. I feel your angst and frustration, your fear and sadness, my friend.

    Perfect song choice.

    Sending hugs and friendly love,


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  2. Dear Frank, it is surreal and disturbing.
    I’m frightened for future generations, I’m bewildered that we’ve allowed a rogue president to remain in power to corrupt our system of government at every turn. Everything this administration touches turns corrupt from our DOJ to our Supreme Court. Will we continue to destroy our democracy or will we stand up and for what is right. Too many have died for this beautiful country to let a world class liar and reality TV show host destroy it.

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  3. Cincy

    You have to stick around at least until after the Red championship parade, what with their “Nightmare” pitching staff, according to Bauer. After that, may I suggest a few places that would provide you with a soft-ish landing?


    Of course, you never have to actually leave the contiguous 50 in order to follow through with your exit strategy. But I don’t suggest Texas, seeing as how that would be like going from the frying pan into the slow cooker.

    In all seriousness, the luster is lacking in the country I (still) love. All your points are taken with a somber nod of the head as I try and muster some hope for the future. But when I do this I always seem to come up with more questions than answers. And of course, to question or critique such things is demeaned as ‘unpatriotic’ by a contingent who deem themselves patriots because they watch a certain cable (or is it cabal) news channel.

    Democracy is there TO be questioned and critiqued. You tinker, repair, you constantly work the thing. None of Trump’s opponents in 2016 challenged his inane slogan that has now been carried forward, Greatness is not a backward moving thing, it’s a forward march. And as with ANY democracy, our greatest days should always be ahead of us.

    Don’t leave Frank. We need the smarts, right here at home.

    Yours in wine, baseball and angst,


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  4. We truly have jumped the shark as a nation in these last four years. As you say, it’s one thing to have a Trump, it’s quite another to have so many millions of people who support him, encourage him, and want him doing what he is doing. We truly have lost our mind as a nation if he is re-elected.

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  5. As you know, Frank my disgust with the political scene does not choose sides. The whole band of devils is to blame. On top of the shoddy political scene, we have unrest to the point of destruction and violence. I read someone actually say that the destruction of businesses and personal property are the costs of reform. I don’t buy the justification and think we are so polarized that even a change in political control is not going to improve the revolutionary mindset. Maybe you ought to move while they still allow Cinci Reds fans out of the country.

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    • John.

      I have long been a supporter of the idea that there are two problems in Washington – the Democrats and the Republicans. Most of the people (and I say “most” as a hedge) … are there to represent their party … not the people … and certainly they favor “party first” over “country first” in their practice. Meanwhile, getting out of the USA is one thing, getting in somewhere else is another matter. Thanks for your thoughts & I hope all is well.

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  6. Dude. You are onnnnnn it. This is one of the worst times in this country. The worst! I can’t understand why people are so blind they don’t see it. The propaganda is working as they’re only tuning into racists fools, who thrive on more racism. Never seen so many out and about in the open. The fact that they don’t listen to facts, or reason, even after faced with it, just displays the amount of ignorance and hate embedded in there. It’s frustrating. Infuriating. Exasperating. So I can see how you’d want to move … with Tom Petty as your soundtrack.

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    • Guat,
      Thanks for your thoughts and understanding. The blind (as you call them) are easy to explain. They are either so partisan they simply back their “team” or they are willing to sell their soul to get something they want. Otherwise, I don’t get it. Interestingly, I didn’t pick the Petty song until a day or two before this post went live.

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  7. Believe me, I get how frustrating it feels to see what’s happening here. You’re not the first to tell me they are seriously considering leaving. I almost feel that way, but always come back to feeling responsible for working to make it better. It is probably a Sisyphean task. As you say, it isn’t just Trump, but his mindless fans and corrupt enablers that are the real nightmare. Can we export them? Please?

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  8. I’m with you but as you noted, no one will currently accept us (how’s that for being a world class country/economy?). I know I cannot fathom another 4 years of this clown and his posse breaking all the furniture and will definitely consider an exit, even if it means quarantining myself in order to get out. This is especially troubling as I’m a naturalized citizen, making the conscious effort to be a part of this democratic republic.

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  9. I understand your frustration, Frank, as I think a lot of people do. I would move if I could. I can’t afford to move my entire family so we’re stuck here, in a country where clearly property and the economy are more important than people. The conspiracy theorists are running amok and it wouldn’t surprise me if that whole business becomes some weird, cultish religion in the U.S. It’s headed that way — and it appears it’s the only thing the alt-right and New Agers can agree on. Given their way, we would enter a new dark age (where the rallying cry is “medicine is a belief system” that has nothing to do with science….ugh!!!).

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    • Robin,
      Thanks … and oh boy … the conspiracy theorists are a hand full. If people only knew that facts and opinions aren’t interchangeable. Then again, logic can be weird … God is love, love is blind, Stevie Wonder is blind, so Steve Wonder is God.


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